Bitcoin, the most modern digital cryptocurrency is facing a setback in worldwide trades. The notable loss is reported to even below 11$ mark. The digital currency has dropped almost by 6% nearing a level of $ 11450 so far.

The major cause seems due to Taiwan intends to include BTC in anti-money laundering rules. Report says, BTC lost its value by 50% and fell to 10k from $20k, which will affect the market in China and S. Korea too. The traders world over are now in dilemma on this crises.


According to the experts from The Wall Street and the CIO, Bleckley Financial Group Mr. Peter Boockvar the BTC is likely to lose the value by almost 90%. He commented,’’ Next year it may fall $1000 to $3000 which will not be a matter of surprise’’.

He also said that the people out there are interested in the easy money making policies of crypto currency.  As he also blames the central banks and federal reserve for increasing interest rates and tough policies around the globe.

As per his sayings if the crypto currency would also not be so famous as it is if there were such policies like the banks are having, because the people finds investing in bitcoin easy as compared in bank schemes.

According to Boockvar, the stock market would also been facing major losses due to the risk factors of the investor will change as soon as the crypto market cracks down. But though it would not affect fundamental of the economy because it’s all based on one’s psychology.

The rivals like, Ethereum came down to -4.43 at $ 1060 whereas Ripple degraded by -6% and the BTC fell down by -6.5., which has been agreed upon by the Coin market Cap Data. The latest market version stated, ‘slight improvement was found as $563 billion compare to $568.65 billion that of the Friday’.



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