Hello Readers! In the present article we are going to see the details of Augur Coin (REP) and the future of this cryptocurrency. The current article will also share information about the Augur Price Prediction or buy Augur Coin and guide the investors whether to invest in this cryptocurrency or not? For more details we insist you to read till the end. The 21st century is well known for the drastic development in the field of science, technology and digitalization. And the year 2017 is known for the tragic introduction and tremendous growth of Cryptocurrencies. One of the newest currency entered in the market is Augur Coin. The coin is famous with the name REP in the crypto sign.

The coin came into market in early 2016. Jack Peterson and Joey Krug are the founders of Augur Cryptocurrency which is an open source, decentralized prediction market platform which is built on Ethereum Blockchain. The coin is, as said, based on Prediction market, which means that the investors that are well informed about on what they are betting will earn a handsome amount. Now you may be wondering what is Augur’ Prediction market? Don’t worry we are here to answer this question also.

What is Augur Coin (REP)?

Let us understand this term with the help of an example. Imagine that Ford is going to launch a new car. Now there are rumors that says the Car is a SUV but there are also news that it is a Sedan. So here the question is the new car is SUV or not? The changes of car is SUV are 51% means the value is $0.51 USD. And with time and result the price of the currency will either rise or fall. This is how Prediction market works. With this we are now clear with what is Augur Coin and we should step forward with the most awaited details that we are looking at.

Current Augur Price


Augur Price Prediction 2018, 2019, 2020:

The Augur is much different as a cryptocurrency compared to any other coins. Moreover it is based on the Ethereum platform which gives Augur safety and security which is very beneficial to the investors.

The investors and the market has seen a sudden growth in the price of Augur coin in the month of December, 2017. Augur started its journey with $9.42 USD in October, 2016. Then REP was growing with very little pace was ranging at $25.97 in the month of August, 2017 and then under $35 USD from October, 2017 till the beginning of December, 2017 and in this month we are able to see a drastic change. The coin started jumping to new parameters and is increasing the price with days.

After December has arrived within a week the coin showed its potential and crossed $50 USD in just 5 days with the market cap of Augur made others flat. The below shown table and the images will help in predicting the future market and demand of Augur (REP) Coin and its importance.

Coin Augur
Price in October, 2016 $9.42 USD
Price in April, 2017 $15083 USD
Price in May, 2017 $21.28 USD
Price in October, 2017 $17.76 USD
Price in 13th December, 2017 $32.66 USD
Price in 20th December, 2017 $97.39 USD

This table shows the different occasions when prices of REP are rising. But with the arrival of December, 2017 the rate of growth had increased tremendously. Now we should see the forecasting made by the experts of Augur coin. Here are the Price predictions according to various experts that are jointly advising to invest in Augur and get the best price in short term.

The table shown below shows the fluctuations and growth trend of Augur (REP).

Augur Price prediction 2018

Date Opening Price Closing Price Minimum Price Maximum
Jan-18 67.1826 66.7342 62.2206 67.1826 -0.67%
Feb-18 66.7692 67.1932 64.8073 67.1932 0.63 %
Mar-18 67.3679 71.2855 66.7962 72.0978 5.5 %
Apr-18 72.4824 76.7739 71.5606 77.565 5.59 %
May-18 77.6293 86.3052 77.6293 86.3052 10.05 %
Jun-18 86.6027 87.2037 86.6027 94.4602 0.69 %
Jul-18 87.6466 80.0928 79.5635 87.6466 -9.43 %
Aug-18 80.4123 87.1481 79.2366 87.7418 7.73 %
Sep-18 86.3465 82.9694 79.9407 87.1976 -4.07 %
Oct-18 82.2376 82.5226 81.1464 84.6231 0.35 %
Nov-18 82.6217 87.2461 81.9406 87.2461 5.3 %
Dec-18 87.0977 92.6784 87.0977 97.9121 6.02 %

Augur Price prediction 2019

Date Opening Price Closing Price Minimum Price Maximum
Jan-19 92.6601 91.3522 86.9462 92.6601 -1.43 %
Feb-19 91.0383 91.7828 89.5282 91.7828 0.81 %
Mar-19 91.5982 97.0365 91.1967 97.0365 5.6 %
Apr-19 96.115 102.0312 96.115 102.0312 5.8 %
May-19 102.6634 110.4193 102.2072 110.4193 7.02 %
Jun-19 110.4877 113.1453 110.4877 119.1806 2.35 %
Jul-19 111.4662 105.206 104.3901 111.4662 -5.95 %
Aug-19 105.0743 111.243 103.936 112.3838 5.55 %
Sep-19 112.1742 106.5532 104.552 112.1742 -5.28 %
Oct-19 107.4803 107.1337 105.8566 109.3216 -0.32 %
Nov-19 106.8695 111.1958 106.4034 111.4407 3.89 %
Dec-19 112.7515 118.1548 112.2362 122.5572 4.57 %

Augur Price prediction 2020

Date Opening Price Closing
Jan-20 117.9118 115.6109 111.6933 117.9118 -1.99 %
Feb-20 115.0809 115.6046 114.2533 116.239 0.45 %
Mar-20 116.9177 121.4041 116.1178 121.5895 3.7 %
Apr-20 121.9129 127.25 121.1617 127.25 4.19 %
May-20 127.0699 136.0901 126.6528 136.0901 6.63 %
Jun-20 135.7688 136.9434 135.7688 143.7873 0.86 %
Jul-20 136.7066 129.3803 129.226 136.7066 -5.66 %
Aug-20 128.6813 135.8795 128.6723 137.0503 5.3 %
Sep-20 136.2998 132.4963 129.2541 136.4329 -2.87 %
Oct-20 132.7419 130.8943 130.5858 133.9587 -1.41 %
Nov-20 132.1393 136.2898 131.2849 136.8648 3.05 %
Dec-20 137.4193 142.7163 137.4193 147.3473 3.71 %

In next 2-3 days the price of Augur is expected to surge over $100 USD and can go till $110 USD. Not only this, experts and financial advisors are also stating that investors with long-term plan can hold money in this crypto which will grow to $116.63 within 1 year. The above graph shows the same. As we have looked about what is Augur and the future market of this cryptocurrency, time is to see the best exchanges which will help you in getting and storing Augur (REP).


Augur Exchanges:

Here is the list of exchanges or online augur wallets from which you can get your Augur Coins easily and these selected exchanges are offering utmost safety to your digital currencies.

  1. Poloniex:

The first in our list is Poloniex exchange, this exchange is offering a number of services to its account holders and is working from years. Anyone wanting to buy or sell Augur coin easily.  Moreover its presence in market from years proves to be a reliable and trustworthy exchange.

  1. Kraken:

Kraken is a multicurrency crypto exchange which allows its clients to buy and sell many cryptocurrencies available in the market. If you are looking to buy Augur coin from any of the exchanges then Kraken is recommended by many experts and financial experts.

  1. Bittrex:

Other exchange in our list is Bittrex. Bittrex is a digital currency exchange using which we can buy and sell most of the currencies available in the market. The highlighting point here is that Bittrex also offers the digital wallet in build that offers high level of security and safety which is very much required.

  1. Liqui.io:

If you are an investor and willing to buy or sell your Augur coin, Liqui is the exchange that shows the real time prices and gives a confirmation of safety. Moreover the exchange rates of Liqui is also quite reasonable which attacks investors to invest without paying much charges in brokerage.

  1. Gatehub:

We assume all of us have heard the name Gatehub. Gatehub is a worldwide known exchange of digital currencies which is very hassle-free and has very clear procedure to buy and sell Augur Coin and others also. If you are looking for easy and safety with security then we recommend you to use Gatehub.


Augur coin is going to hit the market with the price surge which will yield high returns to the investors and we recommend the investors to invest in Augur and hold the coins for few years to get more than expected.


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